Identify How This Ace Experience Helped You Integrate And Learn Course Concepts?

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Identify how this ACE experience helped you integrate and learn course concepts?

I believe that being aware of the numerous cultural diversities in the United States; will make me a better nurse. I believe that this experience has taught me to become more aware of the difficulties health care professionals have to overcome when a patient is from a different culture. The barriers that can arise in a simple task that a nurse needs to perform on patient who has a different view or religious belief, can be complicated. Some of the facts that I did not know about the Alabama Coushatta Indian tribe, were they are originally two different tribes, as well as the diversity with in the area they live in. I believe this ACE experience has given me the tools to be more open minded about wanting to learn different aspects of the many cultures we as nurses come into contact with just on a daily basis. I am more aware of just how a cultural assessment can make a difference when treating, diagnosing and medicating a patient. This experience has also given me more insight to the diversity within a specific Indian tribe, like the different attire each tribe members wore that according to their geographical areas and the fact that each dance had a different meaning. The costumes intricate detail and the meaning behind the eagle feather and how sacred they were to the tribal members. This experience has definitely prepared me to be more aware of my body language. I feel I gained the…

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