Identification And Description Of The Policy Essay

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Identification and description of the policy Entry into World War II led to a rapid expansion of the U.S. economy that had ended in the 1930’s with The Great Depression. According to Romero (2003), by 1940 unemployment was still high with 14 %. Not starting the war with having much to fight with, the U.S. used all of its available resources. Men and women of all ages worked by day and night in the factories and the healthier and strong young people were sent to the frontlines. Some farmers were drafted and others voluntarily left the fields in drove to seek higher wages in the defense industry (Lampe, 2008). Despite the fact that there were fewer farmers available, food was needed to support troops and the increase of food production was still necessary. This was the time that the American government turned to Mexico as a supplier of labor. Under the administration of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Public Law 45 was signed in 1943 to recruit and place Mexican farm workers under a contractual obligation to take temporary agricultural work in the United States. It was believed that the managed migration was the solution to America’s enormous manpower shortage created by World War II. Lampe (2008) explained how the executive agreement made possible the recruitment of 4.6 million Mexican citizens to work agriculturally in the United States and led to create the Bracero Program. Bracero is a Spanish word that can be loosely defined as one who works with his arms. The impact…

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