Idea Of Building Pyramid For Remembrance Of The Egyptian Pharaohs Come From?

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Robin Finckbone
Research Question 1
The topic I chose for the assignment is ancient Egypt.
Relationship of topic to theme of chapter
Chapter two went into detail about ancient Egypt, more specifically the kingdoms. The Nile River would flood the valley with rich soil, prompting crops to grow throughout the year. This left a lot time for the peasants to have for free. The pharaoh, ruler of Egypt, put the peasants to work building the pyramids, so there wouldn’t be revolts, and this would keep Egypt unified.
Question Investigated
My question is, where did the idea of building pyramid for remembrance of the Egyptian Pharaohs come from?
A. The first source I used was a website, claims the pyramids in Nubia, located in modern day Sudan, are older than the pyramids in ancient Egypt.
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The second source I used was an artifact called an, Incense burner, found in Nubia tomb about 3100 B.C.E. This burner is “distinctively Nubian in form. Carved in the technique of Nubian rock art, it is decorated on the rim with typical Nubian designs. It was found in the tomb of a Nubian ruler at Qustul and incorporates images associated with Egyptian pharaohs” ( Par 1). “Scholars are finding in the artifacts striking evidence of Nubia's influence on Egyptian culture and its development of kingly rule, a pivotal political innovation that may have influenced the rise of pharaohs in Egypt.” (WILFORD, Par

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