Essay on Icts : A Broad Extent Of Technology

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ICTs include a broad extent of technologies in the advanced era. ICTs are relevant to technological devices and materials that are engaged to communication, creation, dissemination and management information (Nordin, Embi & Yunus, 2010; Thierer, 2000). These technological tools and resources cover radio, television, computer, Internet, social networks and etc. In the former decade, enhancing of the practicality of teaching and learning in all levels and in both academic and non-academic contexts has been caused much interest in usage of computers and the internet (Yunus, Nordin, Salehi, Redzuan, & Embi, 2013). However, at the present time, the ancient instruments such as television, radio, and telephone have had little consideration, but these tools have an older and stronger history as pedagogical means. Consequently, the utility of elder technologies such as radio and television with new ICT tools for instance laptop, interactive whiteboard, LCD projector, Internet and social networks in educational settings, have a background in education. (Salehi & Salehi, 2011).
One of the most widely discussed subjects in the area of education is the use of ICT in English as a second language (ESL) teaching and learning (Yunus & Salehi, 2012a, 2012b). There is no confusion that employing ICT in education upgrade teacher’s pedagogical affair and promote students’ learning exercise. Therefore, a group of ICT investigators assert that applying ICT moves forward education and prepares more…

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