I 've Always Seen Myself As A Realist Essay

1481 Words Feb 4th, 2016 6 Pages
I’ve always seen myself as a realist. I try to plainly say things as I see them with as little bias as possible. Alongside that I have also given my best effort to try and see things from other perspectives. There is always another way to look at life and all of its bits and pieces and I love challenging myself to do so. Frankly however, it is far from easy. Not as much seeing such things from a different perspective but rather accepting them as a perfectly legitimate way to view such a thing. Sadly, and to the disapproval and entertainment of some of my peers, the #Blacklivesmatter movement has been one of these things that I simply cannot accept in any other way besides how I see it. To me, #Blacklivesmatter is not an institutional way to help protest against the horrible treatment of African-Americans in our country, but rather a battle-cry to “stand up” and “fight back” against those who oppress our beautiful people, and even though their message may be protesting against the way we as blacks are treated(depending on how you look at it), it has been interpreted and represented in a completely different way and honestly this new adaptation of the goal is the one that has dominated the African-American society and has lead to my dislike of the whole movement in general .
Now as much as it may sound after what I’ve expressed so far, I am not a white supremacist, and I say this because that label is generally attached to people like myself who oppose movements like that…

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