I 've Always Hated About Myself Essay

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I’ve always hated talking about myself. I always feel like I’m not interesting enough. I’m not an athlete, I’m not popular, I’m not the straight A student, and I’m certainly not the perfect person. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m just a normal young girl. I do what any normal girl does. Usually, my routines are repetitive and boring. Growing up, I used to always be in sports or in clubs, but as I began to get older, I thought those things were boring and would waste my time, but I can talk about what I always do even though they’re repetitive.

All through Elementary and Middle school, I was the worst with keeping up my grades. I never, I mean I never did my homework or did any of my work. I hated it and I thought if I didn’t do anything, I would be consider to be the cool kid. Once I became a freshmen in Highschool, I was scared. I knew I wasn’t going to be noticed. I was quiet and shy. I didn’t make any friends and thanks to that, I did all my work and I would always do my homework. I never got distracted and I would stay on track. I wanted to be the best in the grade with academic work. I worked hard and in the first semester, I was about to get on Honor roll with a GPA higher than 3.0. The 2nd semester came, I got a boyfriend and thanks to that, I got super distracted and I wasn’t able to get on honor roll which was a tragic for me. That semester, I got a GPA that was around 2.0 or higher. Freshmen year was an alright year for me. The Sophomore year came and…

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