Essay on I 'm So Excited For Tonight

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“God, I 'm so excited for tonight!” Anna giggled, applying the finishing touches to her makeup. IT was Year 13 prom, and she and her best friend Emily were getting ready together in Anna 's bedroom.
“So am I!” Emily grinned as she checked herself out in the mirror, “Hopefully it 'll be way better than Year 11 prom,” she rolled her eyes at the memory, “That DJ was so cheesy it actually gave me secondhand embarrassment.”
“You 're just happy because this time Danny doesn 't have a date,” Anna stood up, brushing her dress down.
Emily blushed slightly, “Maybe.”
“You 're so transparent,” Anna rolled her eyes.
“And you just rolled your eyes so hard I swear to god they just disappeared into your skull,” Emily remarked.
Anna smiled sweetly, “It 's a gift!”
Emily sighed deeply, “Well, I mean, even if he didn 't have a date, it was still a bit crap.”
“Oh yeah. Agreed. I was super chubby. I think I 've lost weight now though!”
“Anna, you were never fat.”
“Ehhhhh...” Emily frowned, knowing that Anna would argue to the death about it, and so there was no point in disagreeing with her. She sat down at the dressing table which Anna had just stood up from, “Anyway, what about you and Bash?”
“What about me and Bash?” Anna turned away as she felt a pink blush colour her cheeks.
“Aren 't you glad he hasn 't got a girlfriend?”
“He 's never had a girlfriend, Em, it 's not like it 's unusual. Besides, we 're friends. Just friends. And if he wants to date girls, who am I to stop him?”
“Oh yeah?…

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