I Woke Up Friday Morning

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Sometimes the issue of a problem is not how to solve it but how to subvert it. Ignoring or covering up the issue occasionally comes before doing anything to actually combat it. This method can sometimes hold benefit but in most cases its output is mostly negative. You cannot ignore your troubles forever because one day you must face them. Martha Stout in her essay When I Woke Up Tuesday Morning it was Friday covers the experiences of a clinical psychologist and goes into detail with how she attempts to help her patients deal with problems brought on by traumatic experiences through therapy. Most of her patients actively use disassociation to escape from their problems and their world entirely. Azar Nafisi is a writer from Iran whose essay covers a personal story, she writes about a private class she held under a totalitarian oppressive hierarchy in Iran and how it changed the lives of her and her brilliant students in “Selections from reading Lolita in Tehran”. Both her and her students to a lesser extent dissociate from their terrifying day to day lives and indulge in classic literature bringing them comfort. Maggie Nelson is a cultural critique that puts American society as a whole under the magnifying glass to study how media and technology have come to affect the human psyche in her essay “Great to Watch”. Nelson critiques a hierarchy that is out of control similar to Nafisi and looks at dissociation as one of its tools. The banality - terror cycle that keeps it in place

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