I Will Build A Partnership With My Parents Essay

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Being a teacher is an actual profession that some are call to do. Only the best stand out because it shows their ambition and durable work. One thing stands out more than others the affection for the children and desire to teach. Today I will show how I will build a partnership with my parents in the third grade. When partnership comes to mind I think of the Lord help me in my journey of teaching and it says in (Open Bible, n.d.) Ecclesiastes 4:9 Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their toil. So when I started anything life I ask God to direct my steps on where he needs me to go. And I have faith in that this verse says it all. In education it is better to have the parent involved because who knows their child better than the parent. When the year starts you sure approach experience as a new one, because every child is unique and has a different walk of life.
1. View every family diverse because you don’t what their walk of life is like. In (Services, 2009) The impact a child with a disability may have on the family is difficult to predict. It clearly changes the family structure—there are new demands, worries, challenges, and delights. It is less clear what resources a family may need, so it is important to take time to listen and learn as each family tells their own story.
2. When meeting a new family you should ask as many question as imaginable. Not to be nosey to get know the family and the child. When doing this you learn numerous of…

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