I Was Younger My Friend, Amy And I Would Write, Record, And Act

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When I was younger my friend, Amy and I would write, record, and act in Digital Blue Movies. You see Mr. Affleck my friend named Amy received the Digital Blue Movie set as a gift from her parents when she was younger. To our surprise this is where our passion for writing movies began. I would look forward to hanging out with Amy when I was younger so we could create silly videos together. I cherish these moments in which we created numerous commercials, movies, and news reporting’s from her house. Then it was the summer of 2003 (when I was ten) and I got sick with Multiple Sclerosis. I was the leader of my friend group, and they all left me. Writing was my only outlet, and a way for me to express my ideas and myself. People used to laugh at me and call me stupid, and I internalized it and made the consecutive decision at a young age to never show anyone my work. To this day I have been writing since the age of ten. It was the last year in college, and my roommate accidently saw some of my work and she told me how it was very good and I needed to get it published. I told my parents about my work but they are hesitant about it saying how my work is good but I need to think more “realistically”. My parents strongly encouraged at a young age that I become a Kindergarten teacher. However, now that I just graduated and got a job as a teacher I realized that I am not happy. Since I am not fulfilling my goals. Now I would like to pose a question to you, have you…

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