Essay on I Was The Pied Piper Of Sunflower

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My grandma always said I was the Pied Piper of Sunflower Dr. I would come down fresh off the bus or bright and early in the morning. Riding down on my Mongoose bike to go meet my friends off the bus. I would come riding down and before I could get a word out they would be crawling out and begin to follow me around for the day of playing.
Grandma‚Äôs house is always a great place to go. You can get food and have a great time. But you can be there too much, especially when you live only a minute away. What do you do when that happens? This leads into the Sunflower journey. The first one to come and follow is my best friend Tyler. A big kid that looks like he could tear you apart, when in reality he is just a tough looking funny teddy bear. He also lives right across the street from my grandmas. He was a year younger but I never thought anything of it. Playing football with him was one of the earliest memories. We would play right on the street. Throwing the ball back and forth just trying to get it as many as we could before a car would fly by ignoring the speed limit. The next friend to come was my friend Nate. A year older but we always thought of him just as a neighborhood friend. I met him on my bus ride home from school and I was always so intrigued on how much he knew because he was a year older. Kind of like an older brother. We would go over to the little neighbors house who thought we were awesome to play dodgeball then hiding since we broke the…

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