I Was Not My Grandpa Essay

1055 Words Dec 1st, 2014 null Page
Although he was not my grandpa by blood he sure was more of a real grandpa than my grandpa by blood was. He was always there for me and my sisters, so when he died it was one of the hardest things I ever had to endure. I went through some internal conflicts that still have some effects on me. Therefore, the day that I found out that my grandpa died was a troublesome day. My family and I were vacation with my family from New York and their friends and child. We were in my bedroom watching Greys Anatomy on Netflix when my parents came in and had they had a concerned look on their face. I literally never thought that the news they were about to tell us could be the turning point on our vacation and in our life. “Girls, today grandma came home and found grandpa on the floor dead,” my parents upsettingly said. Then all of a sudden my sisters started to cry streams of tears. “How?” “No one really knows, the police are there right now”
“We didn’t even get to say goodbye to him, we were supposed to go over there before we left and we didn’t.” We were so confused of why this had to happen to us while we were on vacation and a few days before my grandma was going to be officially retired. When my parents told me, my heart dropped and a few tears came streaming out. But I’m that kind of person that does not show emotion when something tragic happens because I want to be the strong one for everyone else. Well that did not get me far in this situation, at all. I did not cry the…

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