I Was Becoming A Cancer Survivor Essay

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During the sixteen years I have been alive, I have realized many things that I did not notice as a child. Throughout my high school career, miniscule hints of reality have appeared in my life. It has come to my understanding that life is not as easy as it seems when you are a child spending your time watching cartoons and playing with friends whenever you want. Life will keep hitting you in the face and it will bring along the most crucial, tough challenges you will go through. I do not know for how long I will live, but I am sure these difficile moments will keep entering my life. Like my parents, I have learned to get up whenever one of these moments knock me down. Both of my parents have been inspirations to me. They inspire me to get up from a challenge and keep going.
The best example my father has set for me was becoming a cancer survivor. It all started during my freshman year in high school. Something was hurting my father’s tooth, which then resulted in his mouth being filled with pain. It was so tedious and extreme that he was not able to eat right. After a few days he decided to go to a dentist to get the tooth removed. And so they did… kind of. As it turned out, the dentist did not do such a good job and left part of the tooth still in his mouth. The cause for the cancer was not because of the poor work the dentist had done, but it did help with my father’s survival. One of the side effects in cancer is thrombocytopenia, or a loss in the number of platelets in…

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