I Was A Gender Nonconforming Child Essay examples

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I was definitely a gender nonconforming child. I wanted to play softball, which my parents were okay with. My grandmother wasn’t. She felt that it wasn’t proper for young ladies to play sports, especially ones which involved me coming home with a skinned elbow and dirt-stained pants. She would always say things like “this is a boy sport” and “you look like a boy!” I never really saw a problem with this, but the way she said it, I could tell that it was something ‘wrong.’

Which is why I bit my tongue when she signed me up for ballet. As much as I was a natural, I hated it. I missed doing sports. But my mom assured me that I wouldn’t have to choose between the two. She let me continue playing softball, but we just didn’t tell my grandmother. I’ll never forget the car rides, where mom rushed from one end of town to the other while I toppled around the backseat, trying to change from my softball uniform into my pretty pink leotard. One time, I almost brought my cleats into the studio.

I was also in Catholic school at the time. And like all Catholic schools, this one had a strict uniform policy. White dress shirt and navy blue pants for the boys. White dress shirt, black or navy blue tights, Mary Janes and a navy blue jumper skirt monstrosity. I hated it. Not because it was “girly” or something. I didn’t really see it that way. I hated it because it was uncomfortable to play in. And because I kept ripping my tights, which resulted in a condescending lecture about how “young…

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