Essay on I Want For Say I 'm Sorry By Andrew Peterson

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As people, we thrive on relationships with others. However many may agree that bringing down friendships takes much less effort than building them up. One harsh word or bitter action, and the friendship ends. In his song titled “I Want to Say I 'm Sorry,” Andrew Peterson covers this very theme. This song takes the form of an apology, and with it he expresses the sorrow of an argument which separated him and a close friend, and yet gives hope at the end. With the usage of first and second person makes the song relatable, and thus listeners who have gone through the same ordeal can relate and share in his hope. Through his use of vivid language and voice, Andrew Peterson expresses the intricate emotional struggle which goes with conflict with a dear friend, and how even through the pain, he knows that reconciliation can occur. In the first couple of stanzas, Peterson explains the emotional turmoil which the fight resulted in. With “I want to say I 'm sorry, but I don 't know how” (1), Peterson clearly begins his song, setting the subject from the very beginning. Also by saying he does not know how to apologize, listeners understand the deep pain this conflict has caused. While the friends ' conflict resulted because of harsh words, Peterson makes it clear that they cannot just forgive and forget these words; these words killed their friendship. Not only that, but these words killed something in their hearts as well, for Peterson compares his heart to a “catacomb” filled with…

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