I Walk Into The Classroom Essay

1206 Words Dec 6th, 2016 5 Pages
As I walk into the classroom, I am immediately struck by the myriads of colors and sounds that fill the room with vibrant life. It looks as if a miniature home, and it is clear that the students, their ages from two to six, are running it. Towards one end of the classroom, there is a distinct section of hardwood. Seated at tables, students in this section seemingly play with a wide array of multi-colored objects with a diligent concentration. There is even a small table at which one student is peeling and slicing a banana, which he then proceeds to share with his classmates as he walks around the room, his head held high in diplomatic responsibility. The rest of the vivacious room is carpeted in blue, at the center of which is a square red line. Throughout this carpet are tables where students are ardently working, typically four at each table, while they talk amicably with one another. Perhaps most notable are the students at work not even at tables themselves, but instead at various small rugs scattered around the room. These students lay out beads, letters, toy animals, and more, covering their rugs in academic mosaics. Along the walls are shelves filled with a rainbow of materials underneath pictures of children reflective of the evidently diverse students themselves. The teacher and aide are difficult to distinguish amongst this effervescent motion, but can be located sitting on carpets next to students explaining the objects strewn about the rug, as if it the student…

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