I Think The Most Challenging Part Of My Life Essays

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“Before a problem can be solved, it must be carefully defined and clearly acknowledged” (Moreland, pg. 109). I think the most challenging part of my life is addressing that there is a problem. In today’s world, it is so easy to live in self-denial. I spent half of my high school career in denial that I had a problem, and that it needed to be solved. Prior to my junior year of high school, I didn’t know or really desire to even know Jesus Christ. Addressing and acknowledging that not knowing Jesus was a problem was the first step to solving that problem. The same goes for our intellectual lives with Jesus. Today’s society lives in a world where we look to please ourselves with temporary, unsubstantial things. We look only to satisfy our immediate hunger, never looking for the solution to leave us permanently full. Moreland’s book, “Love Your God with All Your Mind” works to address how we can solve the problem of never feeling fully “full”. Moreland starts off Chapter 4 of his book talking about how we need to spend time gazing past ourselves and “stare at God with dedication and affection” (Moreland, pg. 99). He then goes on to talk about how our intellectual life with God requires that same sort of self-denial and dedication. This allows us to be a part of something larger, that helps grow us to be more spiritually powerful and productive in the kingdom of God (Moreland, pg. 99-100). I think that this is truly a key point. As Christians we spend so much time focused on…

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