I Think Expressive Art Therapy Essay

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Theories and Interventions There are a few theories and interventions that I believe are congruent with my counseling style, beliefs, and world view. I have always identified with person-centered theory, because it emphasizes a sense of altruism that I think I personally believe in and exhibit in my personal interactions. I also identify with this theory because of the emphasis of the client’s subjective experience and the client directing their goals and course through the therapeutic process. Some of the interventions I believe are congruent with my personal style are expressive art therapy and using process questions. I think expressive art therapy is particularly helpful with clients who may not be completely comfortable with talk therapy and this still allows them the opportunity to communicate in a subjective and cathartic experience. Using process questions is an interesting person centered intervention because it allows the client to describe their own experience of their feelings (Gehart, 2016, pg. 129-161). This can allow deeper insight to the client’s personal experience, and in my opinion, this allows for a tremendous amount of healing and insight for the client. I also believe existential theory is congruent with my belief system and the counseling style I would like to implement. I think that I identify with existential theory for similar reasons that I am interested in person centered. I believe my core beliefs are very congruent with the humanistic…

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