Essay about I Spent My Summer At A Teen Shelter

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I spent my summer in a teen shelter. Well, 180 hours of it. As I thought about what to write for my integrative paper I considered writing a research paper; however, a research paper would fail to adequately sum up the full spectrum of my experiences at the teen shelter and so I decided to simply talk about my experiences and integrate research within it. This summer I was an intern for runaway and homeless teen shelter and center with Family Services Incorporated. My job as an intern was to complete 60+ hours of training, respond to crisis phone calls, help with intake paperwork, interact with teens, and participate in and lead group counseling sessions. I was able to experience first-hand what a lot of the research tells us about the of types homeless teens, risk factors for homeless teens such as family instability, drug use, educational issues, and mental illness, as well as ideal model for a successful teen shelter.
There are a few of different “types” of homeless teenagers. Runaways are teens that leave the home without the consent of their parent or guardian (Pedersen, Tucker, & Kovalchik, 2016). I did not see very many runaways at the teen shelter. I am not sure why this is, but it is possible that many teens who run away go to a friend or relative to stay rather than a teen shelter. Regardless, research shows that teens who have several episodes of running away from home have an increased risk for chronic homelessness later in life (Brakenhoff, Jang, Slesnick, &…

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