I Saw A Performance By The Lost Trio + The Empty Cage Quartet At Studio Grande

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For my musical concert paper I went to see a jazz show that took place in Oakland on Friday October 2, 2015. I saw a performance by The Lost Trio + The Empty Cage Quartet at studio grande. The location where it was held was much more inmate space then I was expecting there to be. It was not too fancy and there was a medium to small crowd there, not like one you would see in a symphony. It was a more informal setting, jazz is a more relaxing and casual form of music, unlike other type of music that gives off a more formal atmosphere. There was a quartet and they used instrument like the trumpets, horns, I believe that I saw a bass, and and a cello. When they began to play they did have their opening remarks about the pieces that they were going to play and all that, providing some background information. This performance would be put in the modern musical period because jazz came around the Great Depression which took place in 1920 . They did use the cello which is a instrument that I believe can be traced back to earlier time period.

One of the movement that really stood out to me was one that was performed in their middle piece.So they started out the piece with only about two instrument playing and it was a more fast up tempo beat. At first the only instrument that were playing was the drums and the string instruments and they were used set the mood of the movement. Then after about a minute or two the trumpet started to come in and that what gave it its jazz…

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