I Remember The Pale, Indigo, Wooden Steps Essay

951 Words Sep 9th, 2016 4 Pages
I remember the pale, indigo, wooden steps which led to the classroom that hid palm-sized cartons of milk in the dusty cabinets, bearing a lost child’s picture on each. Beginning at a young age, I was exposed to different forms of communication. From working alongside my grandmother in her classroom as she taught severely handicapped children; to my adult career as a teacher’s assistant in a dual emersion setting. Both of these experiences with different forms of communication are significant to me because literacy is the ability to comprehend and adapt in a world where people communicate in ways above and beyond the written and spoken word. Experiencing the job of a teacher in automatic-mode is quite different than being the student or teacher herself. It is also unfamiliar when her students not only have learning disabilities but are handicapped and completely dependent on the adult. In this case, each child must have a specific routines and strategies unique to each student in the classroom. From the moment the school bus arrived to each student’s home, my grandmother would assist them to and from school with the help of her colleagues. Those with physical disabilities cannot speak but communicate through eye contact, tone of voice through slurred words, hand signals, and other outward expression of need or desire. With these communication cues, I was able to comprehend their needs. By reading the cues you are able to react based on what the child would like you to know…

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