I Never Fall In Love: My Last Day Of Love

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When I was a little girl I promised myself I would never fall in love
Because of what my sisters went through I saw lots of break ups and heart breaks love was just Not for me. Even if I was dating guys I would not be in love with them or I wouldn’t let myself fall in love until I met my now boyfriend well it wasn’t a crazy love story or romantic one.
It all started I believe 2013 last day of school we had a mutual friend and he thought we would be great together so he introduced us and it was not love at first sight for me but for him it was. I don’t know what we talked about I don’t really remember but he told me I was talking about my ex I don’t know why I was told him that I guess I really had to talk to someone. He was just there when
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me and my now boyfriend we really missed each other we wanted to see each other so we scheduled a time to see echo her we went to the pools we were swimming around and played it was really fun so the pool closed and we decided to walk around the park the sun was setting we stared to look at the lake and looked at each other’s eyes and at that moment I felt this feeling I never knew existed so I stopped looking at him because at that time I was with my ex then we walked to some benches and sat down and we looked at each other again and it wasn’t just any look it was a look of desire and I was lost in his eyes all these crazy feeling came to me and I came close and we kissed it was like taking a bite of the forbidden fruit and it was delicious but it was bad I felt really bad I had a boyfriend and he had a girlfriend I told him It would never happen again and he broke up with I his ex several days after I still didn’t have the guts to break up with my ex he asked me out like 2 times and i said no so finally I broke up with my ex and I was single I had lots of pride he asked me out again and I said no because I latterly just broke up with my ex he waited a week he asked me out again I don’t remember how many times he asked me out but he had to work for it and I finally said yes I’m so happy I did because I cant imagine my life with out him I can honestly say I’m in love with

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