I Met A Man At The Center Zaire Essay

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I met a man while I was working in the recreational center. He began the conversation with the classic line “do you come here often?” Every moment after that was indescribable. Over the years, we built a strong bond. All the years I’ve worked at the recreational center I never questioned why he was there. This was my best friend and I never asked why he was here. So one night on our date, I asked him “so what made you volunteer at the center Zaire?” At first he looked away, he tried to change the subject but I continued to ask him. Finally, he took a deep breath and began “When I was a teen, I hung around the wrong kids. You know the type your mother told you to stay away from. We went to the suburbs and stole this car. It was a sweet ride; none of us knew how to drive. We were idiots back then”. He stopped and looked away again. “That’s it?” I asked with a confused look on my face. He sighed and continued “We were driving around our high school, I had to be going at least 75 mph. I crashed into a van; and blackout. When I woke up, I was in the hospital bruised up pretty badly. All I remember hearing was “Why Za Why” I looked to see my mom sobbing in the hallway with two police officers. She finally walked over and told me that I was going to be under arrest for vehicular manslaughter.” I looked at him while he kept his head down. He was ashamed of himself, I could tell he was. I let him finish “Long story short, I served my time in juvie and ended up doing community…

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