Essay on I Loved It, When I Was A Girl

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When I was young my parents never read to me, my father would wake up at 4am and come home around 6pm every day. By the time he got home from work he would do the ‘manly’ house hold chores, and my mother would work part time and take care of my dad, me and my older sister. When they were done with their day, both of my parents were exhausted and wanted to invest what little time they had free for themselves. My sister Nancy was significantly older than me, and where my parents fell short she picked up.
In some ways she took on the role of a teen mom. She would look after me, play with me and she’s the one who began to read me stories. Stories about a prince and princess, about jack and his magic bean stalk, she even spoiled me with wicked stories about witches in the west. I loved it, when I was about three years old she bought me a thick colorful book that included 1000 fairy tale stories and every night she would read me one. When the story was over we would play pretend with the shadows on the wall; instilling our own production of the story she just had read “The lost boys have been captured by Hook! Peter Pan is nowhere to be found, the only one that could save them is Wendy” until we fell asleep. It was an amazing time and it still makes me smile to this day.
Not long after Nancy grew up a little more, she was now a junior in high school and I was just her kid sister. She wanted go out, meet boys and spend time with her friends. We were no longer a team, this…

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