I Love Reading Novels That Show Dynamic Characters And The American Society Of The United States

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I love reading novels that show dynamic characters’ grow through obstacles and triumphs through support from others to become well-rounded individuals. I love these types of novels because they relate to my experiences in life. My family moved to the United States when I was two-years-old. Being a child whose parents spent most of their lives in Haiti, I watched them struggle to survive in the society of the United States. Observing my parents struggle when I was child created a drive to quickly learn about the world around me. I read everything: magazines, books, news articles. Anything that would assist my family. Throughout this process I developed efficient analytical skills from gathering information to solve problems for my parents. For instance, if there was something in English they did not understand, or if they were not aware of a western culture context that they did not understand. I would then think about the best way to interpret the information in a way they could understand. I knew my actions were helping them as I observed them conquer obstacles because of my assistance. Being able to help my family at such a young age showed me how anyone can make a positive difference in someone’s life, so I started to wonder how I can help in my community as well.
I began assisting my community in 8th grade to my sophomore year of college, when I volunteered at the Canton Police Explorers (CPE) program. Later in high school, I volunteered for Mothers Against Drunk…

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