I Let Him Talk With A Diagnosis Of Depression Essay

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I worked with a SU with a diagnosis of depression. He admitted to our unit following a serious suicidal attempt of cutting his wrist and it was a severe deep cut. During one to one with him, he stated that his unemployment made him to depend on his family for his living expenses, which in turn contributed to his low self-esteem. He also said, “ I was unable to sleep for many days and I felt to stay alone from my friends.. experienced fear for future.. and experienced thoughts of ending my life”. He specified that situations made him hopeless and worthless and felt not worth living anymore and wrote a suicidal note to his family and attempted a suicide at a reserve as planned. I let him talk by asking open-ended questions and exploring further into his situation to identify his predisposing factors, precipitating factors, perpetuating factors and protective factors. From this information, I was able to identify his needs. We both work together in partnership and came up with goals. I worked with him to establish coping skills to address his anxiety and distress and also made a referral to a psychologist. Assisted him to re-establish a good sleep pattern. He started accepting treatment and as the days progressed, his symptoms abated and he started connecting with his friends. I identified his strengths as painting, playing music and landscaping (preferred to work as a grounds man). Encourage him to involve in gardening and lawn moving activities. He actively participated in…

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