I Know You 're Out There ! Essay examples

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Amos felt his heart thud in his chest as he looked down from his perch. He could not be caught. He really could not be caught. He’d be killed in a second. Yevon was livid and being one of the fastest beings in all Cigam, there was no way he would survive an attack from his cousin. Especially if she decided to join forces with her elfin friends. The lot of them terrified him on the best of days. This was not a good day. Certainly not a best of days. “Amos!” his cousin screamed. “I know you’re out there!” Despite the danger, Amos couldn’t help but grin. She was even more soaked than he had anticipated. Only seconds ago he had watched the unfolding of a trap he had set for the next passenger on one of the many bridges of Thunder Valley Village. It had been rigged to collapse the moment the victim had made it to the exact center. That victim had happened to be Yevon. She hadn’t screamed. She was too noble for that. But she had certainly come up gasping. And her eyes were trained on him. So Amos had run. Yevon was faster, but she also had to get out of the water. A tricky business considering the banks were steep and slick. Oh if only Amos had been able to see that! “What is going on?” A faeri flitted by Amos and landed on his shoulder. Yevon may have been the fastest in the village, but Amos was the most cunning and he had more friends in the magical creatures than he did in anyone else around. “See Yevon?” he asked pointing. Magically speaking, he was a master…

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