I Know That Feeling All Too Well Essay

794 Words Jun 22nd, 2016 4 Pages
I know that feeling all too well. I was brought up by a single mom and my grandmother. My dad left when I was one and I grew up seeing him on weekends. I admired my dad when I was young. I had a very happy childhood and enjoyed being able to visit my dad. When I hit 18 years old I started getting into the dating. My dad came for my graduation and tried to be present and available. Well I started dating a guy around this time. He fell in love with me but I couldn 't feel anything. It was at this same time that I started to begrudge my dad. As I dated this guy we did everything a couple would do including physically. I didn 't feel anything all I enjoyed was the attention. The truth was that I had become to dislike men. What my dad did made me feel I couldn 't trust men. At this time I became a narcissist. He would ask me why I couldn 't love him while he cried. Inside of me I wanted to tell him why but something would hold me back. Which I believe was demons that didn 't want me to talk about my problems.. I became enamored with myself and eventually our relationship ended. I ended up getting a very good job and felt the power of money. My heart got more colder and my hate for my dad got bigger. Even with having money and success I was still with the pain of my dad
I became so obsessed with my hate. There were times when I couldn 't sleep peacefully and just the mention of his name made me upset. There was a time that I even regret ever thinking what I did but wanted him to…

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