I Know How Pharmacy Would Change My Life Essay

1065 Words Feb 3rd, 2016 null Page
Growing up, every child wishes to help those around them. This desire to give back usually comes about in elementary school, with children aspiring to be future Fire Fighters, Police Officers, or Doctors. Many of us know this is subject to change because the minds of children are swayed by the littlest of things at this age. I was always intrigued by doctors ' offices, by the instruments they used, by the individual them self who so carefully looked after my health. I had my mind made up that I wanted to help people get better, and I had neglected to believe that no one but a Doctor could do that. Little did I know that my future would drastically change so many years down the road, nor did I know how pharmacy would change my life. I worked extensively with Doctors, volunteering at Memorial Hermann and St. Luke 's Hospitals; interning at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center and Michael E. DeBakey Veteran Affairs Hospital as well. During this time, I became accustomed to the environment I would be in for the rest of my life, or so I thought. These experiences were eye opening and let me view modern medicine from the care-taker 's perspective. In M.D. Anderson I worked specifically in MRI medicine and that was my first exposure to the field of pharmacy. Working in this area made me see a new side to medicine, a side I never recognized as possible prior to my internship at M.D. Anderson . There was someone that would sit and review the medication orders that the doctor had given. They…

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