Essay on I Join The World Of Music

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We all dream about superpowers as a child, and often those dreams disappear in adulthood. We don 't believe in miracles, and we understand that no superpowers exist. But what if I tell you that the superpowers still exist and can be developed with the help of music? For myself, I have identified one interesting superpower that wakes up in a human being, if a person is engaged in music for a long time. For how long? Hard to say, because it depends on every individual. As for me, inspiration descended on me just in a few years. Perhaps you have a talent, and you will recognize your superpower in just a few a months.
I joined the world of music when I was eight years old. Three consecutive years, parents gave me unsuccessful lessons of a violin. And three years in a row, I could not keep studying for a half year. I did have some success, at least my teacher praised me for the efforts I made.
While looking back at the other kids in that music-school, now I understand that skinny, quiet and calm girl was like a gulp of fresh air for teachers among wild and sometimes inadequate classmates. My first experience with music ended not so good. But the second one lasts until now, and I hope it will never end, moreover walk with me for a very long time. This life-changing meeting began with International Piano Festival Competition, which I saw on TV. Those who have ever seen a performance of Darrett Zusko, knows how he knocks down with his positive energy. He was one of seven finalists…

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