I Had Felt A Genuine Sense Of Fear Essay

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I had never felt a genuine sense of fear. That wasn’t until I visited the first haunted house of the Halloween season. During my childhood, I was overly obsessed with horror movies and anything that was guaranteed to send shivers down my spine. I lived to seek for blood and guts. I lived to seek for scary. I lived to seek the abnormal. Everything in the horror genre, fascinated me, but scared me at the same time. So when I finally got old enough to go out on my own, my mother agreed to let me go off to a Haunted House with my sister and her friends. That was the night that would change it all.
Finally, the long waited evening was here. Hunted house night. My body was confused about the whole situation. I didn’t know if I should of felt excited, anxious, or happy about what was about to happen. The sky was filled with a dark smoky fog, perfect for a night like this. My sister, Joslyn, and I were greeted by her close work friends, totaling our group to about eight people, all of which were at least five years or older than I was at the time
While we waited in line for our turn to come, we watched people get struck with fear as costumed actors came through the line, attacking the most unsuspecting individuals. Time came; it was our turn to finally meet our fears. A man greeted us, asking for our tickets, and then escorted us off into the path. It was dark. It was misty. It was mysterious. It was something I’ve never experienced before. It was the start of a thrill stricken…

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