I Had A Little Girl Essay

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the opportunity as I had a little girl counting on me to give her all my attention. Our father began to abuse us but mainly me because I tried to protect Ariel any chance I had which was hard as I was brutally beaten every day. It all continued until I was 15 when I was raped and became pregnant with Alec.” I said. I could feel Harry’s body become tense and his hand tightened making me think that he was going to crush my bones. His breathing became heavy and his other hand contracted onto a fist.
“Who did it?” He asked. His voice was harsh and full of rage but not towards me as he pull me against his chest embracing me unto a lovingly hug.
“It doesn’t matter anymore.” I said, caressing his face with my hands in order to soothe him.
“Yes it does that cunt needs to pay for what he did to you.” He said. I waved it off not wanting to go back to the face that gave my life a 180 degree turn.
“When people found out they distanced themselves from me except Ariel. I lost all social life I ever had. Once Alec was born I didn’t take care of him leaving Ariel in charge of him while I went out every night to get drunk coming home in a state that probably could have ended my life if it wasn’t for Ariel and Alec. It continued for two years until one night I got home intoxicated and did something I promised myself I would never do. I pushed Ariel after she was bawling at me telling me things I knew I was doing wrong but had no intention of changing any time soon.” I said. I took a deep…

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