Mass Media Influence On Women

Mass media has exposed 1500 ads daily (Kilbourne, 1979). People are surrounded by advertising that loses negative effects to the daily life of people. Among other media, beauty related ads give stimulus to the many teenage girls. Beauty ads prefer slim and beautiful models to create a visual effect on people. To bring the visual effects to people, the media represents the model as a sex object. Therefore, a teenage girl mimics what they see to make them look like the models in the ads. The media knows the psychological minds of girls and tends to use provocative contents to stimulate girls. The media is giving peripheral nerve influence to girls, and girls are becoming more intensely exposed to the media without knowing. If this critical siutation …show more content…
One psychological effect can be craving to become attractive by using the products appearing in the ads. However, the problem is when ads are giving too much stimulus. Teenage girls are putting a lot of effort to become more beautiful, in order to follow the models appearing in the media. Experts say when a girl keeps changing her appearance; it is called body dimorphic disorder which can be considered a social medical pathology (Eating Disorder Hopes, 2012). One of the researches indicates that the 5% of women are neutrally born like the models (Kilbourne, 1979). Even though teenagers have a normal body, but they tend to spend too much of money and time to change the body is part of the psychosis. There are some students who develop complex about their appearance, which causes stress. In countries, there are some students that are in high school and middle schools are using their vacation to undergo plastic surgery. Other psychological effects that advertising can give to teenagers are the false understanding a sexual shame. Media uses the girls as sexual objects to make provoking ads, which also includes hyper sexualized. When teenage girls watch these ads, they begin to associate themselves as sexual objects because that is what they see and sometimes they feel sexually shamed. In such cases, girls are objectified as a weak and has to be dependence by the men. There is a lot of music video that shows a situation about a woman getting hit by the man. But a woman has to apology, in order for them to survive expressing the false meaning of the gender roles. When a teenage girl could not achieve the ideal images of model, they can suffer from mental illnesses. There are some teenage girls that get depression, anxiety and low self-esteem. It is understandable because the desire to become more beautiful is human instinct. The concept of beauty should be subjective, but the mass media

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