I Fight For Your Right For Vote, But I Won 't Do It Myself Essay

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On October 19th, 2016, “I Fight for Your Right to Vote. But I Won’t Do It Myself.” by M.L. Cavanaugh was published in the New York Times. M.L. Cavanaugh is a major and strategist in the United States Army, who chooses to not use his right to vote in the presidential election. Cavanaugh believes that military officers should not vote in the presidential election due to the risk of not being able to separate political and personal views from professional duties. Military officers have a duty to not break the crucial division; they chose to take an oath and in doing so, they must put that oath before being a citizen. However, some people would disagree and say that he is denying the election of an “educated voter” (paragraph 6.) Cavanaugh explains that by not exercising the right to vote he is confirming that his personal belief will not become an obstacle in giving our nation the best Military defense. The Military requires unity to operate under any circumstance, but due to the fact that people naturally divide themselves based on beliefs, a military officer voting would break that unity. Officers try to use their power to influence lower ranks votes; by the military not voting there is no influencing. Cavanaugh is following in the footsteps of many great military leaders such as Marshall, Eisenhower, and Patton who also chose to not vote while in uniform. Cavanaugh concludes with saying that although these great leaders did not live in the same time, they all agreed…

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