I Felt Helpless : What My Brother Has Gone Through The Transition Period

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I Felt helpless in this transition period for my brother do to my own biases and impediments from growing up in a culture that engages in promoting narratives of masculinity over other qualities of the male gender role. This is the reason why I thought it was important to pursue more information from other that could have gone by what my brother has gone through just last year. And so I decided to attend a group meeting with Latino males in Peabody. I found the group through a friend that forms part of the groups. The group was composed of five members. For the purpose of their privacy I will change their names to protect their identities. The group was compromised of 3 Dominican guys, 1 Guatemalan and my friend who was Puerto Rican. They get together to go out and do social activities in the area. they meet once a month, and I was invited to their November meeting. I had already talked to my friend about the purpose of the project and my intension keeping in mind that my brother recently came out and I wanted to be a reliable natural support for my brother.
In preparation for the event I watched a documentary entitle Do I Sound Gay?. Here the Journalist David Thorpe goes in a journey to find out why he has picked up what he describes as a distinct gay voice. He mentioned that he did not personal want to speak the way he does. Further more he mentioned that the way he speaks has in fact hinder his relationships with other gay males as it could be a turnoff for…

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