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Task 1: 1.1 Define the following terms: A. Population – The collection of all individuals or items under consideration in a statistical study. B. Sample- That part of the population from which information is obtained
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1.7 Descriptive or inferential TV Viewing Times. The Nielsen Company collect sand publishes information on the television viewing habits of Americans. Data from a sample of Americans yielded the following estimates of average TV viewing time per month for all Americans 2 years old and older. The times are in hours and minutes (NA, not avail- able). [SOURCE: Nielsen’s Three Screen Report, May 2008]
This is an example of a descriptive form of data, because of the summary of the number of
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From that information, the re- searchers concluded that the vaccine would be effective in pre- venting polio for all U.S. school children; consequently, it was made available for general use.

Experimental, because of the placebo. One group gets the vaccine and the other group gets the placebo. The variable which is changed in one group makes it an experiment.
Task 2:
I think that the mean would be more appropriate since there is a huge difference gap between the mean ($448.2 thousand) and the median (93.1 thousand), The information provided is just a sample of the population.

a. Mean (4+2+0+2+2)/5=2
b. Median 0,2,2,2,4 = 2 c. Mode The most common number is 2
5.8,5.7,5.9,5.7,5.7,5.7,5.6, a. Mean (5.8+5.7+5.9+5.7+5.5+5.7+5.7+5.7+5.6)/9=5.7 b. Median 5.5,5.6,5.7,5.7,5.7,5.8,5.9 = 5.7 c. Mode 5.7 – most common number

Task 3: A simple random sample of Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) Credit rating scores is listed below:
* Find Range, variance, and standard deviation 1. Range
(664, 693,698,714,751,753,779,789,802,818,834,836) 836 - 664 = 172 2. Variance:


3. Standard deviation:


* Yes, the FICO score is unusual because the standard deviation is 58

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