I Don 't Mean The Hit Song What Is Love? Essay examples

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What is love? I don’t mean the hit song What is love? by Haddaway. What does love truly mean. As defined by dictionary.com, love is an intense feeling of deep affection. I believe that love is much more than that though. True love would mean you would do anything for the person you love. A deep bond that could not be broken by anything, by anyone. A mother’s love for her child is one example, the mother would sacrifice herself in order for her child to live. It does not have to be that extreme though. The child could be feeling sad, the parent would wish that sadness upon themselves instead of seeing their child sad. Love is so much more than “an intense feeling of deep affection.” Love should not be put that simply, it is much more than that and there are many different forms of it.
There are many different ways that love can be shown. When people say the words “love” and “affection.” You automatically think hugs and kisses and the mushy sort of love that is the basic stereotype of love. However, there are different ways to show love and say “I love you.” They do not have to say “I love you”, it could be a text that says “did you make it home safe?” or “are you alright? I’m worried about you.” These prove that the person was the other person was on their mind and was worried about their well being. There are different ways to show affection other than the typical hug or kiss. People do not have to be extremely affectionate to show that they love someone, but our society has…

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