I Chose Psychotherapy As A Career Path Early On Essay examples

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I chose psychotherapy as a career path early on. When my parents separated from a tumultuous marriage the court ordered us to see a psychologist and I was always eager to go to sessions. I grew up in a home where domestic violence was prevalent and spent my childhood with a traumatized single mother, a survivor of both marital rape and domestic violence. I would leave the therapist’s office I felt reassured and absolved of my issues at the time and it was an immense relief. I became very thankful for therapy. I saw the difference between my sibling and I, whom didn’t receive the benefit of therapy and is still dealing with issues stemming from her childhood. I declared psychology as my major as an undergraduate because I knew that is what I wanted to do as a career. During college I began to get disinterested in psychology and I originally thought I was not in the right field because I was not getting exceptional grades then I realized it was because I was not involved enough. Joining a group on campus opened an entirely new field I did not even know I was interested in. With my average grades, I thought that psychology was not for me; I became bored with big lectures and the lack of connection I had, not only the classes, but the campus because I was a commuter student who only came to campus when I needed to. I researched and attended the club fair and I found a group that was led by the University Counseling Center, Project D.A.T.E. (Discovering Alternatives for…

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