I Believe The Purposes Of Education Essay

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I believe the purposes of education are to offer our present and future generations with knowledge in order for them to succeed in life. As a educator, it will be my job to instill the basics of each subject of reading, math, science, and social studies into our children and to also see and screen their development skills at each grade level. Every child acquires new skills at each stage of development. The goal is for the child to take all the knowledge that they obtain over the years, understanding how and when to use them to become a competent adult.

I believe that children learn best when they are taught under certain conditions and in certain ways. Some of these are being in a safe environment, having support from the adults in their lives, and setting goals. Children learn more efficiently in an environment where they feel safe. They are more likely to attend school, less likely to cause or get into trouble, and more open to interacting with other children. Having supportive parents, teachers, and others in their lives increases the likelihood of the child being successful in school. If a child feel that no one cares whether they do well in school, then they will see no purpose in getting an education. Children also learn best when they set goals. This gives them something positive to work towards. Once they achieved their first goal, that drives them to set higher expectations.

The curriculum of any classroom should include certain basics that contribute to…

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