I Believe Speech : Speech Essay

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I Believe Speech:
Knowing that you know, that you know Knowing that you know, that you know, is a mouthful agreed but what is it that I mean when I say that? You have to break it down one by one. So everyone agrees that you are sitting here in a college classroom listening to me speak? So if you say yes to that? Then essentially everyone is agreeing that you know this to be true. That is the “first knowing”. Now how do you know that to be true? Well break it down, how do you know that this is a college classroom? You would probably say because I’m at Georgia Highlands College and I’m in a room that’s typically found in a school, in which I am taught. Also how do you know you are listening to me speak? I’m sure everyone’s response would be something like the following; well you are conveying information or your opinion to me and I am hearing you, and so this would be the “second knowing”. Then I would ask how do you know that to be true as well but I’m not going to because I feel like you all are getting the point. So what does it even mean to “know”? According to the dictionary it means; be aware of through observation, inquiry, or information. So according to that definition we all know a lot of things. We know our name, our age. We know our show size. We know which presidential candidate is best for the country. Well maybe not so much that but it seems though that people know things opposite from other people as well. So what does it mean to know…

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