I Am Truly Myself When I At Peace Essay

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I am truly myself when I am at peace. These moments of inner peace occur when I am in the following situations; with my family, communing with nature, and wearing traditional Indian clothes. Humbleness accompanies a sense of relief and a strange calmness that spreads throughout my body in these situations. When I begin to involuntary smile is when I know I am my true self. My family defines me in ways I cannot fully comprehend. My parents are my lifelong mentors and my siblings were my first best friends. When I am on my own and away from home, I feel almost myself. Recently, I ventured to Santiago de Chile without my family. I did some major soul—searching and found the experience refreshing. However, something strange occurred when I returned home. As I stepped into my house, I had an overwhelming urge to sigh in relief. It was irrational for me to miss my family to the point of relief considering I knew that they were right where I left them and that I know they support me in anything I do. Each moment with my family is humbling because they teach me that I have a place in this cynical world where I can wholly trust, love unconditionally, and not face personal judgment. Being with my family means I am in a safe haven. I am free to be me without any consequence. Although some find it a little cliché to say that one is more in tune with his or her true self when communing with nature, but I will say it anyway. By communing I aim to convey that I am outside observing…

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