Essay about I Am The Smoker Of My Campus

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It was August of the year 2016, I was a freshmen enrolling into the University of Miami. Miami, a city that seems so full, even though its skyscrapers are just hollow shells of a concrete jungle that I will be calling home for the next four years. As I arrived on campus I noticed that it had a very distinct difference from my hometown, İstanbul, no one was smoking. Coming from a city where everyone smoked suddenly changed my perspective for once. Something I had all my life has been abolished, for all I know I am the only smoker of my campus. I highly doubt it but I seems to be that way.
I had moved into my room and said bid to my parents. I was starting a new journey, a new chapter of my life.
A New Chapter
As I strolled through campus on my skateboard I still couldn’t find a single smoker. I figured they would have been inhabiting a different location. I would sweep the back roads and even by the parking lots but still no sign.
A few days later when I was losing hope I heard a murmur that sounded familiar, Turkish! I ended up following the two, Turkish, men. They were talking about their weekend and how one did something incredible and how he wanted to tell the others. Others, I figured they most possibly meant other Turks like them, and me. As they passed by the campus store I started to theorize where they might be heading, and as soon as they started walking towards the library I immediately understood where they were going, Starbucks. The best java the…

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