I Am Thankful For Your Own Heart Essay

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“There comes a time when the world gets[so] quiet and the only thing left is [the beating of] your own heart..." But my heart didn 't beat like the drumsticks of a snare drum solo champion, nor it didn 't beat like an infant coming into the world, but it was still. It was steady. So, I close my eyes as the beats of my heart fills my ears and breath stills like ASDFGHJKL and I brace for impact.
As a child we are always told to be thankful for what we have, to be kind and to be caring, to be grateful for this thing we call life, and to never waste a day because as we bent down on our knees reciting the bedtime prayer that is engraved in our minds to set our self to sleep someone woke up that day not knowing the bed they would lay in would be a 12x12 inch metal cubical in a cold silent morgue. So we live the rest of our days keeping these lessons in the back of our mind knowing and unconsciously waiting for the day we would be put into a 12x12 inch cubical or the day when our life almost crosses the line of death. And that day when my life stood inches away from the line of death, was on June 8, 2016.
It was a normal Wednesday, sun shining bright as the early summer sun rose, and rays peaking through my heavy blinds. I let out a yawn, a yawn of thankfulness due to the fact, I had the privilege of waking up, and the fact the last day of school was now one day away. I start my routine. The same routine I have been doing for the last 178 school days which consisted of laying…

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