Essay about I Am Studying Global Studies

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John Dewey said “ we do not learn from experience… we learn from reflection on experience”. By using John Dewey as my motto, I always reflect on my days, and my life, hoping that my life experience will teach me something in order for me to become a better person. By reflecting on my experience I learn a lot from it, especially from this class. The reason I am studying global studies is because I wanted to learn more about the world issue, learn more about other culture and gain more understanding and knowledge of the world culture. For me Global Studies is a very fascinating subject, because it’s not only teaches me about culture differences in the world, but it also teaches me about history, politic and as well as the economics in different countries. Another reason I am taking this class is because, I think it’s important to understand other culture as much as our own. Throughout our life and career in today 's world, we will encounter different kind of people from different areas and different background, and it’s important that we understand them and their culture.
Throughout my life, I always wanted to help people and the environment, but I never know how I should do to help. I do not know how much I can be helpful to both the people and the environment until I take this class. This Global Studies class really shapes my life in a way I couldn’t even know how to describe it. I am not only learn academically, but socially and ethically. Many students might…

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