I Am My Mom 's Surgery Essay

1130 Words Oct 14th, 2015 5 Pages
Ring Ring. Ring Ring. “Hey dad are you coming home yet?”, I said. “I just wanted to tell you your mom’s surgery has taken a turn and she will be here for at least another week. Your grandma will be coming over with dinner and I’ll be home late tonight”, my father explained. I said a shakey bye and hung up. I felt as if I were going to collapse inside and crumble to the ground like two twin towers. Those words were racing through my mind as I heard my mom yelling at my dad half crying. All of the sudden I fell asleep and dreamed that my mom had died in a hospital while undergoing a procedure. There I was there in the waiting room and they came out the door walked over to me. “Your mother’s surgery went terrible and only has a few more breaths of life”, explained the doctor. At that point during the dream I cried so much that it was as if a title wave had hit the hospital room. My alarm went off and I had a normal day at school. When I got home my mom got me and my brother and told me the horrible truth. “I going to need another surgery soon or my infection will get worse and become severe. I’m going to need to go to the doctors today and get a cat scan. Your father and I will be home late and you will have to make dinner”, said mom. I could tell she was about to cry I gave her a hug and went upstairs. She had not been feeling well for a very long time always going to the doctors, missing work, always in bed, and worst of all she would not be able to go anywhere to spend…

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