I Am Mohammed Alrefaei From Saudi Arabia Essay

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Personalities and Speaks
I am Mohammed Alrefaei from Saudi Arabia, I was born in March 26, 1994, I am talkative and bold most of the time. In Saudi Arabia people respect who is talkative and have bold personality. It’s part of our culture, that people know my personality by my way of speaking to them. As I am known in Saudi Arabia that I have a strong personality because of my way of speaking Arabic. I didn’t know that my personality will change in different language. Communication is so important in our life, and the only value to communicate is speaking. As I said that I am talkative and have the good sense to choose interesting topic. If you speak a second language you will lose your personality. I realized that my speaking as second language effect my personality.

One day, my mother decided to complete her Master in the United State of America, my mother is the best teacher in middle school. At that time, when she decided to travel to the US, I was a freshman high school in Saudi Arabia. She has to take me also my young brother and sister. When I heard that we moving to the United State of America, I surprised by that. There is one thing that came up to my mind, it’s my English because my English was very bad. I asked myself If I am going to American high school, or Islamic school in the USA. I was nervous until I asked my mother where I am going to American high school or Islamic school. She said that I am going to Islamic school, which you won’t be though for you. I…

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