I Am Legend, By Richard Matheson Essay

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The United States was changed forever on the morning of September 11, 2001; the day that foreign Iranian terrorists planned and executed the first major domestic attack on the United States homeland. The planes that attacked New York City, the Pentagon, and in Pennsylvania (that was possibly en route to the White House or U.S. Capitol building) did more than just demolish infrastructure across the United States, kill nearly 3,000 Americans, and injure 6,000 more; it damaged the entire nation by destroying the collective American psyche for years to come. This damage was reflected in a variety of disciplines, from sports, politics, literature, and movie production, among others. The film I am Legend, based on the novel written by Richard Matheson in 1954, starred Will Smith, and was released a mere six years following the attacks in New York City. The film provides a unique comparison of an apocalyptic event to the post-September 11, 2001-attack society that existed in New York City and the United States as a whole. Across the United States, the morning of September 11, 2001 was just a routine day in the lives of Americans, until approximately 8:45am in New York City, when an American Airlines Boeing 767 crashed into the north tower of the World Trade Center. Initially, it was thought to have been a devastating freak accident, but thought was erased when eighteen minutes later, a second Boeing 767 appeared and made an obvious and intentional turn into the south tower. These…

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