I Am Interested For Pursuing Psychology Essay

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I’d never thought I’d be interested in pursuing Psychology in University, but it makes sense looking back now. I have always been fond of working with children, and I understand the issues they may face as they reach their teenage years. From the age of twelve, I suffered from depression and self-harm. I struggled with my identity as well as my body image, something many teenagers have troubles with as they mature. I was in a dark period of my life, but since then I have learned to love myself and receive love from people around me. Because of this, I am passionate in doing everything in my power to help children and teenagers facing the same obstacle I faced at their age. I know how difficult it can be when you feel like nothing in your life is going according to plan, or whether you even have a plan yet. When I began studying Psychology in Sixth Form, I knew it was what I wanted to pursue in University and later on as a career. I believe I am able to help these children if I can understand their thought processes, and guide them from their darkness. Growing up with depression and other mental illnesses is a difficult process, and I want to help them get through this difficult period of their lives.

For the first ten years of my school life, I was at SMIC International Private School in Shanghai, China. Living in Shanghai has given me a wider scope of the world, and has allowed me to integrate with the people and learn more about their rich culture firsthand. Over the…

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