I Am Doing An Action Research Project Essay

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I am doing an action research project to undertake a critical inquiry into my practice. I will collect data to support my critical inquiry while on placement at an early childhood centre. My data will show the teaching strategies that I am using while working with groups of children and will develop a sense of confidence I held at that point of time

This data will involve:
• Critical Reflections on my practice
• Teaching Story
• Planning experiences and evaluation I have collected my data on Tuesdays during the first semester of the year and the three weeks while on practicum placement in June. I have included data that involves me leading mat times at different stages of the day, experiences that I have planned for the children to increase or extend their learning and spontaneous learning experiences that I have been involved in with the children. I have 8 critical reflections and 4 planning experiences and evaluations to support my research. I have also created a teaching story about myself which includes a where to next and how I provoked learning and what teaching strategies I used to support learning. I have decided that I am going to have three cycles to complete my action research project. I will observe what is happening, analyse what my data is telling me, create a sense of my role in this looking at the teaching strategies I am using and put in place experiences and planning to support what I have found to put into my practice. I will then…

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