Essay about I Am At My Time For Sleep

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It’s 3:12 AM Tuesday morning and you are sitting there staring at your computer. You have already had a full day. You woke up at 5 AM for your 7-hour work shift. Then you were at a parent teacher conference because your little Jimmy shoved a boy in the lunch line again and after that, you were at the mini 6-year-old baseball league cheering on your son Kyle. So, you are exhausted after a long day! But you know you have to finish this research paper in order to pass your philosophy class. At this moment you hate your life but like a robot that does not sleep, you continue writing. Finally, it is 4:47 AM and you’re done writing your paper but there is no time for sleep. Now, you have to get in the shower, get ready, beat that traffic, drop off the kids at school and make it to your 8:00AM class. But even though you had a crazy day did you realize how lucky you were? Yes hard to believe that after all that you were so lucky because you had the opportunity to have a full day and still have completed your research paper all in one night. Something we often take for granted right. Imagine going old school without Internet access, having to open book after book, to find relevant information to support your research paper. It is more likely that your research paper would not have gotten done in one night if it were not thanks to the efficiency of the Internet. In the article “Is Google Making Us Stupid,” Nicholas Carr claims that the Internet affects how people process information.…

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